About Us

Tony, founder of Bonza, decided to leave the corporate world when he received news that his son’s learning disabilities were the result of a rare genetic disorder. With a renewed focus, his main priority was to concentrate on his family and find a way to better support his son.

Being more present in his son’s life therefore meant Tony was able to observe the positive impact pets had on Lucas’ nature. It became evident that family-friendly pets and emotional support animals eased symptoms for a wide range of conditions. The support that furry friends provide was truly evident. Ultimately, this is where Tony’s passion and purpose for Bonza began.

Bonza – Australian slang for excellent – provides durable, high-quality products for your four-legged friend. Designed to make life easy, our products are long-lasting and environmentally safe. Your pets lovingly care for you, now it’s your chance to do the same for them!

Additionally, Bonza regularly donates to supporting people with disabilities to live easier and happier lives. We are proud to partner with charities who train service animals, and continuously strive to grow our contribution in this area.