How do dogs learn? Some important tips for dog owners

Jay Verma - August 27, 2021

When I get back home after a long, tiring day at work, my exuberant Labrador, Bruno, slams his body on me, just like a football team falling on each other after hitting a game-winning goal. He moves around my legs, jumps on me, licks all over my face, and even when I scream NO!! He just keeps going. Yes, I love his cute act of dancing around me, it’s a stressbuster, but I want to stop that body-slamming welcome. I have tried many times, but it’s happening every day. I feel perplexed that I don’t see a change in his behavior despite many attempts to teach what I don’t like. I need to know how dogs learn. If this is something that sounds familiar to you, then you have come to the right place.

How do dogs learn? Check out these important things about dog learning.

- Timing is important: When we talk about associative memory, dogs have 1.3 seconds, meaning that it only takes them 1.3 seconds to link behavior and consequences. That is a small window of opportunity you have to correct behavior or reward. If you yell at him or punish him for an act that he did a few minutes back, he won’t connect and understand your behavior.

- Be mindful of your words: When you give a command or say any word, it is important to ensure that action occurs. Regardless of the language, you must be consistent while observing your dog’s actions. The words you use when communicating with your dog should have an exact meaning. Try to make it easy for your four-legged friend to understand you.

- Teaching NO command: How to ensure that your NO command gets followed? When you give a NO command, make sure to stop your dog from doing that activity right away, allowing your dog to connect the action with that NO command. But, if you will keep saying NO while your dog is still doing that activity, your dog can assume that it’s okay to do that particular activity.

- When dogs jump on people: Dogs are very intelligent, and they don’t do anything without reason. From digging and jumping to barking and chewing on things, they do things they love or anything they get pleasure from. Always try to understand which behaviors pleasure your dog, and then you can correct the unwanted behaviors.

- How to ensure consistency: Some dog behaviors are acceptable while others are not. For instance, you might be okay if your dog jumps on you during the weekend when you’re at home wearing casual clothes, but you may not be alright with that behavior during the workweek when you’re well-dressed and going to the office. Being consistent with dogs can be easier for singles and couples, whereas it can be more and more difficult for a family. When there are too many people interacting with the dog, it can lead to inconsistency.

- You can work with dog trainers: If you are unsure how to interpret what a particular dog behavior means, you can work with dog trainers. They can design training programs to help your dog improve its behavior.

Final words: Before you feel irritated because of certain dog behaviors, it is important to realize that these actions can be due to a lack of training and understanding. Know how to train your dog, how they learn, provide them with proper training, and they will never disappoint you.

Things to know about loving a senior dog

Jay Verma - August 14, 2021

5 signs your dog needs more attention and love

Jay Verma - July 26 2021

In today’s fast-paced and busy life, it is impossible to be with your loving dog all the time. From daily 9-to-5 to managing your household expenses, all those meetings with the clients to going out with friends, it seems like 24 hours of a day aren’t enough to accomplish everything. But, being busy shouldn’t stop you from showing all the love, care, and attention to your four-legged friend. Dogs’ ability to communicate with humans is completely different, they can read our facial expressions and also sense our emotions. Dogs seem to have special skills when it comes to knowing how exactly we humans are feeling, and this is the reason why understanding your dog’s feelings is also important. Some signs your dog needs more love Identify these signs and make sure to spend some quality time with your dog.

Chewing on your shoes: When you find your dog chewing on things, this can be an annoying behavior, but there are many reasons why dogs behave this way. One of the reasons can be your dog feeling lonely or anxious, and needs some playtime. Teething can be another reason, you can give your dog some chewable bones or wet cloth that can help ease the irritation.

Whining: Whining is another way dogs try to communicate vocally, and it is also a sign that your dog is seeking attention. Experts suggest that any acknowledgment of whining can end up reinforcing that behavior, you can wait for a gap in whining. Giving attention or treats during that gap can help your dog to understand that sitting quietly for attention is more rewarding than winning- a trick that actually works!

They bump you with their nose or head: When dogs bump you with their nose or head, it means your dog is seeking attention.. Basically, here’s the translation of this behavior- Hello! Do you remember me? I’m your best friend and the best dog in the world. I want to play with you, pay attention to me!

Your dog is pawing at you: When you find your dog chewing on things, this can be an annoying behavior, but there are many reasons why dogs behave this way. One of the reasons can be your dog feeling lonely or anxious and needs some playtime. Dog chewing on things Teething can be another reason, you can give your dog some chewable bones or wet cloth that can help ease the irritation.

Sleeping Dogs: In general, dogs sleep more than humans, and it’s completely fine. But, if your dog is sleeping over activities that they used to enjoy, this behavior needs to be taken seriously. It can be due to a lack of mental stimulation and physical exercise, spending more time playing with your dog or going for a long walk can be helpful.

The bottom line: In today’s busy and stressful world, dogs help in raising our spirits and make the world seem a lot brighter. Being a dog owner, it is your responsibility to provide them with the love and affection they need, they deserve it!

How to stop dogs chewing on things.

Jay Verma - July 10, 2021

His head on your knees is enough to heal your human hurts, his presence by your side is full of love and protection, he’ll help you conquer the fear of the dark and all the other unknown things, he’s with you without even making any promise, he’s simply your dog. collapsible dog bowl From being a puppy rushing through life to becoming senior and slower, these best friends need and deserve extra care and attention when they become senior. Senior dogs are well aware of their likes and dislikes, know their favorite places to nap, and the people they need hugs from. Calmer and wiser, senior dogs are awesome!

Some ways to love your senior dog Here are some ways to check in with your senior dog to provide them with more love and care.

Fitness first: When we talk about senior dog’s fitness, it includes foods and exercises- two big contributors to your pet’s overall health.!

Senior dogs need extra veterinary care: Aging in us humans and dogs is almost similar. Dogs also face some common issues due to increasing age, so they need more attention from the vet. From digestive issues to obesity and from heart problems to diminished or lost vision/hearing, these are some common issues your senior dog may face. Don’t worry; most of these conditions are treatable, and all you need is to make the vet your caring partner.

Fun and happiness: What are you looking forward to at the time of retirement? Probably relaxing, spending quality time on the beach with your spouse, holding hands, looking into each other’s eyes with a glass of wine in hand? Want to make every day a special occasion for you, your family, and your dog? collapsible dog bowl Maybe your dog needs a large collapsible dog bowl or a warm fluffy blanket; they may need some of these things to remain comfortable. Senior dogs need happiness and comfort too!

The bottom line: - Loving an old dog is one of the greatest pleasures of life, so let’s keep the intense grief of saying goodbye aside. - Senior dogs are less destructive; you must remember when they chewed on things at a younger age. - They don’t jump or pull you forward during the walks since they have developed their own pace over the years. - Your dog has seen it all, and they know you better than anyone else on this planet. - As long as you’re together, they’re happy. - Slow is the perfect pace for senior dogs.

How to make your puppy sleep through the night?

Jay Verma - June 22, 2021

Bringing a new dog at home is full of excitement, you have a new family member, a loyal creature, and a best friend. But, the happiness and excitement of a new pet comes with some challenges, and making your puppy sleep through the night is no exception. From potty training your dog to dog walking and knowing their emotions to their overall health, pet owners need to take care of everything. Many dog owners complain about dog’s sleepless nights. They are found crying, barking, or playing around when they are supposed to be enjoying a good night’s sleep. Some tips to make your dog sleep through the night So, here check out these tips if your dog doesn’t sleep throughout the night.

Establish a routine: Keep things consistent from the very beginning so that your dog can recognize when it’s time to eat. when they will go for a walk and when they will do some exercises, and when they should sleep. When you do all these things at the same time (or as close as possible) each day, dogs can recognize their routine, and slowly and gradually, they will start to follow.

Consider their sleep environment: Dogs need a comfortable and noise-free environment to sleep better. Get a kennel or a crate with a warm blanket and your dog will sleep in no time. Also, you need to ensure that your dog’s sleeping area is free from outside noises and excess lighting, these things can disturb your dog’s sleep.

Don’t share your bed: It has been proven in studies that 63% of people who share their bed with dogs experience poor sleep. The reasons are obvious- dog moving around the bed or possible barking. Also, sharing beds with dogs can cause skin infections, and it can be terrible for people with asthma or allergy.

Sufficient exercise: Dogs can be found excited at any point in time and if they are happy and excited before bedtime, it can be more and more difficult to make them sleep. It is important that your pet is tired enough for which you can walk your dog, indulge them in some exercises or games a few hours before bedtime.

Toilet time: If you want your dog to sleep through the night, it is important that their tank is empty before they go to bed. Dogs can’t hold their urine for more than a few hours, their bodies are not made for it, and they also don’t like to sleep in their own mess. Eating shortly before bedtime can help your pet fall asleep whereas drinking too much water may not help them stay in bed all night.

Know about any medical condition: If your dog is not sleeping all night despite having a schedule and all the basics being followed, any underlying medical condition can be the reason. If you notice any change in their behavior or sleeping patterns, know if your dog is in pain. In this case, consult your vet and you can get suggestions to avoid sleep problems in your dog.

Summing it up: Remember, training your dog can take time, any change in their sleeping place can take a while for them to adjust. Keep the above-mentioned points in mind and you can help your dog sleep through the night.

6 dog breeds that make a perfect hiking partner

Jay Verma - June 11, 2021

Hiking with your agile furry partner is full of fun and excitement, it’s an adventurous time that strengthens your already strong love bond. But, before you make a decision to go hiking with your dog, it is important to ensure that your four-legged friend is physically fit and healthy for all those long walks and explorations. Hence, we have come up with 6 dog breeds that are perfect hiking partner. Dog breeds that are perfect hiking partners! Make hiking fun and safe with these

The Australian Shepherds: Energetic and adventurous by nature, The Australian Shepherd is a perfect companion for hiking. In addition to this, they have an affectionate and protective temperament and you can stay assured that you are guarded in case of danger during hiking. This dog breed is unique, they keep on barking loudly when their defensive instincts kick in. The Australian Shepherds love to be in a fun and adventurous environment and are perfect for hiking with.

The Siberian Huskies: A dog breed from Russia, Siberian Huskies have a wolf-like appearance and they Belong to the spitz genetics family. As they have a lot of furs, they can resist cold climates and also help in pushing sleds and carts. These dogs love action-packed, high-energy activities (such as hiking) and they can get irritated if they don’t get to participate in such activities. Siberian Huskies will be happy to join you for hiking as they are wildlife lovers by nature.

Australian Cattle Dog: Also a good family dog, Australian Cattle dogs are athletic by nature as they have a heritage in the farming environment. These are working dogs that are born and bred for herding and hunting but they still love to be close with their owners. A healthy dog can be found full of energy and they are eager to run upwards, this makes them a perfect partner for hiking.

German Shorthaired Pointer: The German Shorthaired Pointer joining the list should not be a surprise for those who know this dog breed. They are lovers of strenuous activities, can easily be taken through high-intensity exercises and this is the reason why they are amazing hiking partners. You don’t really need to think much about the climate, German Shorthaired Pointer can adjust to any climate and they make your hiking full of fun.

Bernese Mountain Dog: Having their roots in the Roman mastiffs, Bernese Mountain dogs are not as active as others in the list but due to their huge size, they are great hiking partners. These dogs can be trained very easily and even in colder climates, you can have some fun with them. Ideally, they can walk for around 30 to 45 minutes daily (and even more) so they are great partners for long walks as well.

Rhodesian Ridgeback: You both are sure to have some fun time- this hunting dog likes vigorous activities as they have a high tolerance level. To make hiking more challenging and full of fun, you can challenge Rhodesian Ridgeback to run, and even after hiking 10 miles, it can be just the beginning for a healthy dog. They also protect their owners from dangers and they make your hiking fun and safe.

Remember: Your dog will get thirsty during hiking and it’s crucial to have water handy to prevent dehydration. Take a look at the Bonza Collapsible Bowl. Rated best collapsible bowl for camping and hiking by the American Kennel Club.

Final words: So, if you are in search of an amazing hiking partner, these dogs are sure to make everything more and more exciting. Choose the one that best fits your home and your needs, and enjoy some memorable time with your pet.

Some important tips to stop overeating in dogs

Jay Verma - June 4, 2021

Some dogs don’t really know when they need to stop eating, while others may not eat sufficiently in one sitting. Dogs return to the bowl many times in a day looking for something to eat. Moreover, your dog will look at you every time you have some snacks, lunch, or dinner, and it is important to think twice if you are tossing a treat every time your pet is looking at you. Being dog owners, we’re responsible for their health and happiness. And, allowing dogs to overeat can increase their risk of medical conditions and can also shorten their lifespan. Here, we are going to talk about some dangers associated with overeating, and how you can stop it.

Dangers of overheating in dogs - Obesity: Obesity is one of the most common medical conditions in dogs that reduce their life expectancy, lower their energy levels, and invite other diseases. - Bloat: Some dogs eat too quickly and they eat a lot, especially giant ones such as Great Danes and Labradors. Bloat is a serious condition and can cause death if not treated immediately. In this condition, an enlarged stomach puts pressure on other organs and blood vessels, this, in turn, can lead to stomach twisting. - Joint pain: Being overweight, dogs put extra pressure on their bones and joints and this can cause pain and injuries to your dog. - Pancreatitis: Table scraps, fatty or spicy foods can cause this condition. Overweight and older dogs are more likely to get affected with this condition and if not treated properly, this condition can be fatal.

How to stop overeating in dogs: Check out these ways to stop overeating in dogs. Avoid feeding additional meals Avoid feeding additional meals Many of us show love to our log by giving them treats, and this habit needs to be changed. Show love to your dog in other ways such as attention, exercises, hugs, and cuddles, and avoid over-feeding them.

Portion control: It is important to remember how many times you feed your dog and give them treats. Commercial dog foods come with guidelines and you can easily find out how much you need to feed your pet. If you are still not sure, consult your vet about feeding guidelines for your dog.

Create a schedule: Create a schedule and stick to it every day. Avoid refilling the bowl whenever you find it empty as permissive grazing can cause obesity in pets. Know the right feeding guidelines as per your dog’s breed, age, and size.

A cup of green beans: You can call it a secret or a weird trick, if your dog feels hungry in shorter periods of time, you should add green beans to their diet. Green beans are low in calories and high in fiber which means your dog will feel more full. And, this will not lead to weight gain in dogs.

Give them low-calorie treats: You can find many options in the market, there are various treats that are low in calories and high in nutrients. Do not forget to read the labels to decide how much you need to feed your pet. /p>

The bottom line: If you don’t want your pet to face issues related to overeating, taking care of their diet and schedule should be a priority. Share this useful information with other dog owners you know.

Doodle Dog Breeds You Can Never Go Wrong With

Jay Verma - May 25 2021

You must have seen these dog breeds in TV shows or any of your friends might be having one. Doodle dog breeds are extremely popular, they are crossbreed dogs, and having them is full of fun and excitement. If you know someone who owns a doodle dog, they will tell you how fun-loving and trainable they are. These dogs don’t have any specific color, temperament, or a specific look. Doodle dogs breeds that are best to have in your family Here, we are going to discuss 5 doodle breeds you will love to have.

The Maltipoo: A mix between Poodle and the Maltese, Maltipoo is a dog breed that people are obsessed with. Physical activity and mental stimulation is prime when you have them, they are a perfect choice for those who want to have a social dog in their family. If you are planning to get this dog breed home, be ready for physical activities, otherwise they can do some damage to your belongings and property as this dog breed is a mix of working dogs. This terrific dog breed is available in a variety of colors including black to apricot red, and you will have a great time training them.

The Goldendoodle: a mix between Poodle and a Golden Retriever, Goldendoodles are popular among people due to their cute and fluffy look. If cuteness in a dog is the one thing that you focus on, then this dog breed is perfect.. There are many characteristics that will impress you about this dog breed- they are smart, easy-going, very loyal, and they are far away from aggression. This dog breed looks and feels no less than having a cute teddy bear in your home.

The Labradoodle: For those who love Poodle and the Labrador, this dog breed is a must-have. They are available in a variety of coat colors, and you are sure to fall in love with them instantly. From apricot, chocolate, and cream to red, and caramel they can be found in 9 different colors. Labradoodle dog breed needs walking and physical activities to stay fit, and they perform so well in many sports activities. Labradoodles are very friendly and they are easy to go with kids as well as other pets.

The Huskydoodle: Meet a trending doodle dog breed and this hypoallergenic dog breed doesn’t shed hair. They are a mix between Poodle and the Siberian husky, a dog breed that weighs more than 60 pounds, and is still ready for a walk anytime!

The Aussiedoodle: A mix between the Poodle and the Australian Shepherd, Aussiedoodle is a working dog that comes from working dog breeds. You will need to follow a routine of taking this dog breed on a walk and they need to be stimulated physically and mentally. A merle coat coloring makes this dog breed rare and unique, though you may need to keep your vacuum cleaner working as they shed a lot of hair.

Summing it up: These non-aggressive dogs are a great choice for any home, and a great addition to a family looking for a smiling happy companion to welcome them at the door.

Car anxiety in dogs: Some key tips to know!

Jay Verma - May 12, 2021

Traveling with your dog is full of fun and excitement, but not all dogs are comfortable entering the car. Some dogs get anxious. The vibration and sound of the engine or the movement of the car can be the reason. Car anxiety in dogs can really impact your trip.

Dealing with car anxiety in dogs: Here are some ways you can make car rides with your pet easy and hassle-free.

Your dog will accept the car slowly - When your dog denies entering the car, it is important to understand that your pet may take some time and encouragement to accept the car. Let your dog walk slowly towards the car and reward them with their favorite treat- repeat the process until your pet accepts the vehicle. - Now, you can keep a more valuable treat inside to encourage your pet to come inside. From a meal next to the car door, you can gradually put the treat on the seat so that your dog comes inside. - Finally, when your dog comes inside, close the door and reward them. Don’t force your pet to stay inside, if your dog wants to go out, allow. Repeat the process until your dog is comfortable staying inside for longer- at least for a minute. - Let your dog sit alone in the back seat, gently pat on your dog’s head for good behavior and turn on the engine. Drive a short distance slowly and increase the distance and speed as your dog feels comfortable. Reward your pet after completing every task and take your dog to a place where you both can have quality time.

Car anxiety in dogs

A gentle massage can be helpful: Massage is a calming treat when you want to take your dog for a car ride. Most dogs love massage and your gentle touch can soothe your pet’s nerves and provide them with relaxation. Of course, you don’t need to be a professional masseuse, all you need is to make your dog feel comfortable. The results can be amazing when you will massage in a circular motion on your pet’s body using your fingertips or a pet massage brush.

Use medicines in severe cases: In most cases, continuous efforts can get the job done. It is advisable to use medication only in severe cases and under the supervision of a vet. Medicines can help anxious dogs, do not forget to read the instructions carefully before giving it to your pet.

Distraction technique: Notice the specific situations that are making your dog anxious and try to divert attention. For instance, you can keep the attention to you or a treat to divert the pet’s mind from any sound or situation. You can also make use of chewing toys or a bone when your pet faces car anxiety.

The bottom line: Car anxiety in dogs can be uncomfortable and you need to apply the correct methods to resolve the issue. These tricks can help you and your pet to enjoy a comfortable car ride, don’t forget to share with other dog owners you know.