Car anxiety in dogs: Some key tips to know!

Jay Verma - May 12, 2021

Traveling with your dog is full of fun and excitement, but not all dogs are comfortable entering the car. Some dogs get anxious. The vibration and sound of the engine or the movement of the car can be the reason. Car anxiety in dogs can really impact your trip.

Dealing with car anxiety in dogs: Here are some ways you can make car rides with your pet easy and hassle-free.

Your dog will accept the car slowly - When your dog denies entering the car, it is important to understand that your pet may take some time and encouragement to accept the car. Let your dog walk slowly towards the car and reward them with their favorite treat- repeat the process until your pet accepts the vehicle. - Now, you can keep a more valuable treat inside to encourage your pet to come inside. From a meal next to the car door, you can gradually put the treat on the seat so that your dog comes inside. - Finally, when your dog comes inside, close the door and reward them. Don’t force your pet to stay inside, if your dog wants to go out, allow. Repeat the process until your dog is comfortable staying inside for longer- at least for a minute. - Let your dog sit alone in the back seat, gently pat on your dog’s head for good behavior and turn on the engine. Drive a short distance slowly and increase the distance and speed as your dog feels comfortable. Reward your pet after completing every task and take your dog to a place where you both can have quality time.

Car anxiety in dogs

A gentle massage can be helpful: Massage is a calming treat when you want to take your dog for a car ride. Most dogs love massage and your gentle touch can soothe your pet’s nerves and provide them with relaxation. Of course, you don’t need to be a professional masseuse, all you need is to make your dog feel comfortable. The results can be amazing when you will massage in a circular motion on your pet’s body using your fingertips or a pet massage brush.

Use medicines in severe cases: In most cases, continuous efforts can get the job done. It is advisable to use medication only in severe cases and under the supervision of a vet. Medicines can help anxious dogs, do not forget to read the instructions carefully before giving it to your pet.

Distraction technique: Notice the specific situations that are making your dog anxious and try to divert attention. For instance, you can keep the attention to you or a treat to divert the pet’s mind from any sound or situation. You can also make use of chewing toys or a bone when your pet faces car anxiety.

The bottom line: Car anxiety in dogs can be uncomfortable and you need to apply the correct methods to resolve the issue. These tricks can help you and your pet to enjoy a comfortable car ride, don’t forget to share with other dog owners you know.

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