How to make your puppy sleep through the night?

Jay Verma - June 22, 2021

Bringing a new dog at home is full of excitement, you have a new family member, a loyal creature, and a best friend. But, the happiness and excitement of a new pet comes with some challenges, and making your puppy sleep through the night is no exception. From potty training your dog to dog walking and knowing their emotions to their overall health, pet owners need to take care of everything. Many dog owners complain about dog’s sleepless nights. They are found crying, barking, or playing around when they are supposed to be enjoying a good night’s sleep. Some tips to make your dog sleep through the night So, here check out these tips if your dog doesn’t sleep throughout the night.

Establish a routine: Keep things consistent from the very beginning so that your dog can recognize when it’s time to eat. when they will go for a walk and when they will do some exercises, and when they should sleep. When you do all these things at the same time (or as close as possible) each day, dogs can recognize their routine, and slowly and gradually, they will start to follow.

Consider their sleep environment: Dogs need a comfortable and noise-free environment to sleep better. Get a kennel or a crate with a warm blanket and your dog will sleep in no time. Also, you need to ensure that your dog’s sleeping area is free from outside noises and excess lighting, these things can disturb your dog’s sleep.

Don’t share your bed: It has been proven in studies that 63% of people who share their bed with dogs experience poor sleep. The reasons are obvious- dog moving around the bed or possible barking. Also, sharing beds with dogs can cause skin infections, and it can be terrible for people with asthma or allergy.

Sufficient exercise: Dogs can be found excited at any point in time and if they are happy and excited before bedtime, it can be more and more difficult to make them sleep. It is important that your pet is tired enough for which you can walk your dog, indulge them in some exercises or games a few hours before bedtime.

Toilet time: If you want your dog to sleep through the night, it is important that their tank is empty before they go to bed. Dogs can’t hold their urine for more than a few hours, their bodies are not made for it, and they also don’t like to sleep in their own mess. Eating shortly before bedtime can help your pet fall asleep whereas drinking too much water may not help them stay in bed all night.

Know about any medical condition: If your dog is not sleeping all night despite having a schedule and all the basics being followed, any underlying medical condition can be the reason. If you notice any change in their behavior or sleeping patterns, know if your dog is in pain. In this case, consult your vet and you can get suggestions to avoid sleep problems in your dog.

Summing it up: Remember, training your dog can take time, any change in their sleeping place can take a while for them to adjust. Keep the above-mentioned points in mind and you can help your dog sleep through the night.

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