How to stop dogs chewing on things.

Jay Verma - July 10, 2021

His head on your knees is enough to heal your human hurts, his presence by your side is full of love and protection, he’ll help you conquer the fear of the dark and all the other unknown things, he’s with you without even making any promise, he’s simply your dog. collapsible dog bowl From being a puppy rushing through life to becoming senior and slower, these best friends need and deserve extra care and attention when they become senior. Senior dogs are well aware of their likes and dislikes, know their favorite places to nap, and the people they need hugs from. Calmer and wiser, senior dogs are awesome!

Some ways to love your senior dog Here are some ways to check in with your senior dog to provide them with more love and care.

Fitness first: When we talk about senior dog’s fitness, it includes foods and exercises- two big contributors to your pet’s overall health.!

Senior dogs need extra veterinary care: Aging in us humans and dogs is almost similar. Dogs also face some common issues due to increasing age, so they need more attention from the vet. From digestive issues to obesity and from heart problems to diminished or lost vision/hearing, these are some common issues your senior dog may face. Don’t worry; most of these conditions are treatable, and all you need is to make the vet your caring partner.

Fun and happiness: What are you looking forward to at the time of retirement? Probably relaxing, spending quality time on the beach with your spouse, holding hands, looking into each other’s eyes with a glass of wine in hand? Want to make every day a special occasion for you, your family, and your dog? collapsible dog bowl Maybe your dog needs a large collapsible dog bowl or a warm fluffy blanket; they may need some of these things to remain comfortable. Senior dogs need happiness and comfort too!

The bottom line: - Loving an old dog is one of the greatest pleasures of life, so let’s keep the intense grief of saying goodbye aside. - Senior dogs are less destructive; you must remember when they chewed on things at a younger age. - They don’t jump or pull you forward during the walks since they have developed their own pace over the years. - Your dog has seen it all, and they know you better than anyone else on this planet. - As long as you’re together, they’re happy. - Slow is the perfect pace for senior dogs.

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