Pet Food Can Covers



Save: 20%

Keep Pet Food Smells Contained With Confidence: no more smelly and unsightly pet food cans toppers with cling wrap to seal! These nifty silicone pet food can lids are suitable for YOUR petfood cans too meaning your dog or cat food smells are also contained. Your fridge is going to love you.

So Easy to Use: your pet might try It too! Flexible and eco-friendly cat food lid. Simply slip the cap over the tin cans to keep the and goods fresh and it lifts off easily when it is time to feast. Loose fitting and covers nearly all sizes of pet food cans including 2.5inch, 2.9inch and 3.3inch.

Safe for You and Your Pet: unlike other cheaper plastic pet food lids, this silicone can cover is BPA free, odorless & non toxic! Perfect can lids for dog food and your food!

Dishwasher Safe: clean up for your dog food lids for canned food has now gotten easier! Plus the reusable tops for your canned food is a more eco-friendly solution to a dog or cat food can lid. It keeps your food fresher and contained for a paw-fect meal.

Quality You Can Depend On: We at Bonza are real people who use our own products every day. We expect the absolute best for our family and pets and want the same for you. Using high grade silicone, your Bonza cat food lids will withstand the test of time.

UPC: 810092250531