Some important tips to stop overeating in dogs

Jay Verma - June 4, 2021

Some dogs don’t really know when they need to stop eating, while others may not eat sufficiently in one sitting. Dogs return to the bowl many times in a day looking for something to eat. Moreover, your dog will look at you every time you have some snacks, lunch, or dinner, and it is important to think twice if you are tossing a treat every time your pet is looking at you. Being dog owners, we’re responsible for their health and happiness. And, allowing dogs to overeat can increase their risk of medical conditions and can also shorten their lifespan. Here, we are going to talk about some dangers associated with overeating, and how you can stop it.

Dangers of overheating in dogs - Obesity: Obesity is one of the most common medical conditions in dogs that reduce their life expectancy, lower their energy levels, and invite other diseases. - Bloat: Some dogs eat too quickly and they eat a lot, especially giant ones such as Great Danes and Labradors. Bloat is a serious condition and can cause death if not treated immediately. In this condition, an enlarged stomach puts pressure on other organs and blood vessels, this, in turn, can lead to stomach twisting. - Joint pain: Being overweight, dogs put extra pressure on their bones and joints and this can cause pain and injuries to your dog. - Pancreatitis: Table scraps, fatty or spicy foods can cause this condition. Overweight and older dogs are more likely to get affected with this condition and if not treated properly, this condition can be fatal.

How to stop overeating in dogs: Check out these ways to stop overeating in dogs. Avoid feeding additional meals Avoid feeding additional meals Many of us show love to our log by giving them treats, and this habit needs to be changed. Show love to your dog in other ways such as attention, exercises, hugs, and cuddles, and avoid over-feeding them.

Portion control: It is important to remember how many times you feed your dog and give them treats. Commercial dog foods come with guidelines and you can easily find out how much you need to feed your pet. If you are still not sure, consult your vet about feeding guidelines for your dog.

Create a schedule: Create a schedule and stick to it every day. Avoid refilling the bowl whenever you find it empty as permissive grazing can cause obesity in pets. Know the right feeding guidelines as per your dog’s breed, age, and size.

A cup of green beans: You can call it a secret or a weird trick, if your dog feels hungry in shorter periods of time, you should add green beans to their diet. Green beans are low in calories and high in fiber which means your dog will feel more full. And, this will not lead to weight gain in dogs.

Give them low-calorie treats: You can find many options in the market, there are various treats that are low in calories and high in nutrients. Do not forget to read the labels to decide how much you need to feed your pet. /p>

The bottom line: If you don’t want your pet to face issues related to overeating, taking care of their diet and schedule should be a priority. Share this useful information with other dog owners you know.

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